„If you want to ‚be‘, make it your own affair.“
Goethe, Faust II, Mephisto, Vs. 7848

moveo·ergo·sum – Developing of perception, mobility and action.

A concept of learning and developing sovereign cycling – based on philosophy, psychology and biology.

· is a network of diverse and comprehensive exercise principles,
· has a foundation of exercise modules,
· takes different physical phenomena into account.

The moveo·ergo·sum concept has very special features and characteristics:
· it is the first and only of its kind,
· the teacher is more like a companion, than a master,
· it encourages the urge for achievement and brings better results,
· despite all the theory the concept works very well and is easy to use –
well at least for those who are trained for its use.

moveo·ergo·sum learning works and opens the mind for new experiences, it is natural, efficient, balanced and without fear. This way of learning makes you feel well.

moveo·ergo·sum sets standards and ensures success in many areas: sovereignty, authenticity, sustainability – it integrates and emancipates. People grow together while sharing this learning expierence.